Jack Clemo Poetry Competition 2013

Jack Clemo Sculpture

The competition continues to attract entries from around the UK.
The primary aim is to encourage poetry per se. Poetry should not exist in some kind of ghetto land, but it should be out there in the forefront of artistic forms roaring away and making its presence felt.

This is the sculpture, made from Cornish stone, and is held by the winner of the competition for a year.

Jack Clemo Drawing by Heather Spears

Drawing by Heather Spears

In addition to holding the sculpture for one year, the winner receives a cheque for £100.

There is a monetary reward of £75 for the second and £50 for the third. The winning entries are published on this website.

The Award Occasion

The awards were presented by Ruth Gledhill, Religious Correspondent for The Times at the Society of Authors London on Thursday 24th October 2013.

Entrants could enter up to three poems of up to 40 lines in length and based on one or two lines of ’The Lord’s Prayer’.

Copyright of the poems remain with the writer but ACG reserves publication rights of the prize-winning entries.

The winners and their poems have now been announced.

The Judges

The competition was administered by Tony Jasper. The judges in the past have included some well known writers and editors, as well as several with publishing contacts. They have included Stewart Henderson, one of the UK’s leading poets and known especially for his long running BBC Radio 4 series of ’Questions. Questions.’ and Adrian Plass, best selling author.

In 2013 the Judges were:

Moira Andrews, Education Lecturer with children’s and adult’s poems in publication.
Christine Smith, Publishing Director/Manager of Canterbury Press.
Isabel Hariades, freelance with Harvey Miller, Thames and Hudson, Macmillan, Jonathan Cape publishers.
Heather Martin, Associate Professor of Religion at Principia College IN.
Dr Gemma Goodman, Associate Fellow, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, Warwick University.
Garry Tregidga, Associate Director of Institute of Cornish Studies.

Tony Jasper talks about the ACG, the Cornish poet Jack Clemo, and the ACG poetry competition:


Tony Jasper Competition Administrator