12th November 2014


Mr Turner

The next outing to the cinema will be on 12 November and the film we will see is Mr Turner, the latest Mike Leigh film profiling artist J. M. W. Turner. The venue is in Central London and will be announced on Friday 7th November.

Please note details will be given either by email to members or on Facebook only. Another reason to sign up to ACG’s page on Facebook.

Gordon Adams will be at the cinema to meet you and there will be an opportunity to discuss the film afterwards over coffee.

Orange Wednesday 2 for 1 tickets apply.

Do email the office if you think you might like to attend.

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Wednesday 17th December 2014

ACG Christmas Gathering

Cafe Eterno, Covent Garden Venue: Café Eterno,
 opposite El Ganso
34 Neal Street,
Covent Garden,
London WC2H 9PS 

See Map

Time: 7 - 9.30

Cost: Free

Book the date in your diary. More details later.

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