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Christopher Lee Power

Christopher Lee Power (aka Christopher Eton) is a professional actor and broadcaster. He trained at Richmond Drama School, RADA, and Lee Strasberg Studio, which gave him an opportunity to study many acting techniques from Stanislavski to Chekhov. Shakespeare also played a major part in his training as Christopher was encouraged to research and learn from many well established practitioners, such as Cecily Berry, John Barton, Peter Hall and Kristin Linklater. On leaving drama school, Christopher’s first professional role was with the touring Shakespeare Company playing Quince and Egeus.

Christopher works also in broadcast, appearing in many TV soaps, and on radio. He trained with commercial and BBC Radio and has been involved with his local station for many years, voicing the prayers on Sunday. This has led to other narrating and voice over opportunities.

In the year 2000, he played a medical student in a film called Fear and other parts followed - a CID officer in Coronation Street, a juror in a courtroom drama, a lawyer for BBC 1 Real Stories and other roles in theatre classics such as Uncle Vanya, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Odyssey, The Caucasian Chalk Circle and many more.

Christopher has been a member of ACG since 1998 and says that he finds being an actor and a Christian is a bit of a struggle. "It’s not just the ’not knowing where your next job is coming from’, but the lack of support and understanding from those who aren’t involved in arts and media. The Arts Centre Group has been instrumental in my understanding of how God uses us to be salt and light in a profession that needs to see some light", he enthuses. "The ACG has also been an encouragement when I have found it difficult to move forward. I am grateful for members who have nurtured and prayed for me, for God to continue not only to use me, but to open doors."

Christopher’s life story is one of dramatic events and spiritual change; a story that he has shared on TV, radio and in magazines. He has also written his autobiography ’Breaking Free - From the Street to the Stage’ which will be published in 2009, which he hopes will be an encouragement to others: "My story illustrates how anyone, from whatever background, can pursue their dream and find fulfilment".

Christopher is a member of Equity and can be found in Spotlight. Information about his book can be viewed at .